Comune di Petrosino

Project Centre - European Network Of Bio-Districts

                                 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT

The BIO-DISTRICT: a new rural development model is spreading in Europe based on the defense of agricultural landscape, food sovereignty, enhancement of local resources and on the new frontiers of sustainability (alternative energy, water, biodiversity, bio-architecture, waste recycling, soil protection, quality of life and work), fully consistent with the European “20-20-20” goals. This strategic choice for local communities, however, is often taken in a “top-down” process by policy makers without the direct and active involvement of citizens. 

CENTRE project is hence focusing on the following main aims: 

1) Create a “DISCIPLINARY” clearly defining a “EUROPEAN BIO-DISTRICT”, created through the ACTIVE and DEMOCRATIC participation of citizens, as a means to achieve a TRUE TERRITORIAL RENAISSANCE for a sustainable future of Europe

2) Constitution of a EUROPEAN NETWORK OF BIO-DISTRICTS signed by all project’s Mayors 

3) Making European citizens active stakeholders in the local decision making processes (BOTTOM-UP approach), especially regarding “bio districts” as key choice for quality of life in their communities 

4)Test INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to explore new forms of direct and active citizens’ involvement to foster a stronger sense of belonging by target groups to the issues of the project and to the EU, e.g.: active participation to public initiatives during very CROWDED events; direct attendance in concrete on field "LEARNING-BY-DOING" experiences.


1) City of San Leo (Rimini)
2) Municipality of Berovo (Macedonia)
3) Joint Naukseni (Latvia)
4) City of Petrosino (Italy)
5) Association Città del Bio (Italy)
6) Ecologie au Quotidien (France)
7) Ageniza development Hranice (Czech Republic)
8) Regional Development Centre of Koper (Slovenia)
9) Regional Committee of Tourism of the Troodos (Cyprus)

                                CALENDAR OF THE EVENTS

The project foresees the organization of 6 events of 3 days in the following towns:

1. San Leo – ITALY September 2015 (
2. Die – FRANCE January 2016
3. Berovo – MACEDONIA April 2016 (
4. Platres – CYPRUS May 2016 (Link: /
5. Hranice – CZECH REPUBLIC October 2016 (Link:
6. Petrosino – ITALY 29-30-31 May 2016 (